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A Female Orgasm for Men

Arcwave Keyvisual
Icon Arcwave Pleasure Air

Pleasure Air

Pleasure Air has given millions of clitoral orgasms through its powerful pulsating airwaves. The challenge was to adapt this unique technology to the male anatomy.

Nerves Have no Gender

Did you know you can find the same nerve endings in the clitoris as you can in the penis? They are called Pacinian receptors. Ion gets you closer than ever to a female orgasm with its pulsating airwaves.

Arcwave New Sensation

Experience Your Newgasm

Ion targets these highly sensitive nerve endings, offering you a rollercoaster ride of gradual build-ups, intense peaks and varied climaxes.

Icon Arcwave Smart Silence

Smart Silence

Your Ion should only be on when it needs to be. Finding the off button in a hurry can be a major turn-off or even ruin the moment.

Pleasure Air Sensor

Using advanced sensor technology, Smart Silence knows when you want stimulation. Based on skin contact, it automatically switches your device on or off.

Icon Arcwave Clean Tech

Clean Tech

CleanTech silicone sets a new standard for silicone quality. It has a higher molecule density than conventional materials which makes it 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

Enjoy Arcwave Ion Anywhere

Enjoy Anywhere

Due to its waterproof nature, Arcwave products can be enjoyed anywhere including in the bath or the shower - without fear of damage.

Icon Arcwave Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

With Twist to Open, simply twist your Ion to separate the CleanTech silicone sleeve from the device.

Easy cleaning

Once separated, you can simply submerge the sleeve in water to clean. Meanwhile, the device can be easily cleaned using a toy cleaner.

Icon Arcwave Smart Storage

Smart Storage Base

The smart storage base features automatic charging and drying.

Arcwave Ion Storage

Automatic charging

Ion’s storage base is more than just a second home. When you return your Ion to its base, it starts charging automatically.

Arcwave Ion DryTech


While it charges, DryTech packs remove any last water droplets to ensure your Ion stays in top condition.


Every aspect of our products has been painstakingly crafted with skill and precision.

Ion Design and Packaging

Hit the Right Nerve