General FAQs
  • What kind of lubricant can I use with my Arcwave products?
    For the best experience, we recommend using Arcwave™ Lube – made by pjur® or a another high-quality, water-based lubricant with Arcwave products. Here’s what to look for in a quality water-based lubricant:

    1. CE-marked medical-grade products
    2. Only use water-based lubricants from known manufacturers
    3. Dermatologically tested and approved
    4. A product free of preservatives, comedogenic oils and perfume additives
  • How do I clean my Arcwave products?
    Simply wash your Arcwave product with Arcwave™ toy cleaner – made by pjur® or soap and water after every use. A 10% bleach solution can be used to clean if desired. To avoid battery or motor damage, DO NOT BOIL your Arcwave products, place them in the dishwasher or subject them to temperatures higher than body temperature.
  • How do your products provide the most satisfying stimulation possible?
    Arcwave products have been specially designed to optimally stimulate the various pleasure receptors in the genitals of the male body. Arcwave's goal is to increase the masturbation experience and thereby turn the orgasm into a newgasm.
  • Who is the company behind the Arcwave products?
    WOW Tech™ Europe GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is the sexual wellness products company that brings you the Arcwave products. All of the design and engineering of our patented products is done in Germany.
  • Where can I purchase Arcwave products?
    Arcwave products can be purchased online here, or online or in-store at any one of our trusted retail partners across the globe.
  • Is my information secure when I purchase online?
    Yes. When purchasing online, all of your information will be treated strictly confidential. Please use the digital payment option that is best for you. 
  • What is your warranty policy?
    All Arcwave products are designed and made to the highest quality standards and enjoy one of the lowest defect return rates in the industry. We replace all defective items within the warranty period with proof of purchase. Please see our Warranty page for details.
  • Do I need to register my product for warranty?
    We do not have a registration program. Your authentic Arcwave product is covered by a manufacturer's warranty. To ensure your coverage under this program, please retain your original purchase receipt for the entire warranty period.
  • At the end of its life, how can I dispose of Ion?
    As a distributor of electronic devices, we are legally obliged to accept the return of waste electrical and electronic devices free of charge. We expressly state that you as the user are legally obliged to return used batteries. Never throw away electronic devices or batteries in the household waste.
  • Can I return the product?
    We’re sorry to learn you’re not absolutely satisfied with your product. We endeavour to ensure that everything we produce is as pleasurable as it can possibly be, and since all our bodies are different, it can take some time to acclimatise to the unique sensations. Unfortunately, due to the highly intimate nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns once the packaging seal has been broken. We hope you understand that that’s in everybody’s best interest, and our goal is only to keep you, our customers, and our colleagues safe. 
  • When will I receive my package?
    Online orders are usually shipped within 2 days of receiving the order. Most orders will be delivered within 5 days after shipment; be aware that this can vary depending on region. You can always check the status of your order by logging in to your Arcwave account.

    Please find estimated delivery durations under shipping.

Arcwave FAQs
  • What does the Arcwave brand stand for?
    Arcwave products are designed to become a natural part of the male masturbation experience and can be used to create a special, new type of orgasm. Arcwave supports modern masculinity and wants men to explore their curiosities.
  • What is modern masculinity?
    Times are changing and what it means to be a man is changing too. Modern masculinity means being future-forward, open to exploration and bold, while still holding an emotional and understanding side.
  • What is #Newgasm?
    New + Orgasm = Newgasm. All Arcwave products are engineered to create new sensations and more intense orgasms than other technologies on the market. An orgasm experience with an Arcwave product is unlike any other.
  • Who are the Arcwave products made for?
    A smart modern, future-forward person with a strong character, no matter the sexual orientation. A bold, non-conformist who loves to discover new experiences, the Arcwave persona does not apologize for their attitude. At the same time, the Arcwave persona is understanding, liberal, and has an emotional side, not shying away from difficult topics and approaching live with vibrancy and positivity. The Arcwave persona has a natural confidence and loves open-minded exploration.
  • What makes Arcwave products the best on the market?
    Arcwave products are designed based on research and science, guaranteeing that they will target new types of pleasure receptors and create an entirely new experience with every product. Before launch, our products are tried and tested through user surveys until the perfect product is created.
    All Arcwave products feature CleanTech silicone, a more durable, hygienic and flexible material that is of higher quality than conventional materials in the market. CleanTech silicone is hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant and able to withstand UV light rays, meaning that your Arcwave product is body safe and will last longer than other products.
Ion FAQs
  • Will Ion work for me if I am circumcised or uncircumcised?
    Ion works for both circumcised and uncircumcised penises. Circumcision should not affect the use or enjoyment of the device.
  • How do I clean my Ion?
    Ion was designed to be easy to clean with a unique Twist to Open feature. Hold the CleanTech silicone sleeve in one hand and the technical device in the other hand. Simply twist the components away from each other and easily access the inside of the CleanTech silicone sleeve. Ion can be fully submerged under water and Twist the components back together after washing, before placing Ion in the storage base for quick drying and charging.
    Simply wash your Arcwave product with Arcwave™ toy cleaner – made by pjur® or soap and water after every use. A 10% bleach solution can be used to clean if desired. To avoid battery or motor damage, DO NOT BOIL your We-Vibe products, place them in the dishwasher or subject them to temperatures higher than body temperature.
  • Can I use Ion in the shower?
    Yes. Ion itself is IPX7 waterproof, so it can be fully submerged in the bath or shower. The storage base is not waterproof and should never be used near water.
  • What is the story behind Ion?
    Arcwave™ Ion is the world’s first Pleasure Air™ stroker, created to intensify the orgasm experience. Research has shown that pleasure receptors in the clitoris play a key role in achieving intense orgasms. This research discovered that the tip of the penis actually has the same pleasure receptors (called Pacinian pleasure receptors) as a clitoris – traditional stimulation techniques like manual stroking, sex or oral stimulation do not fully activate these receptors. Ion specifically targets the frenulum with powerful air pulses to deliver a more intense, unique type of orgasm.
  • What happens if Ion gets stuck on me?
    1. Relax.
    2. Try to become flaccid.
    3. Try using Arcwave™ Lube - made by pjur® - or another high-quality water-based lubricant. Even regular soap & water could be used to ease the removal.
    4. Seek medical assistance if you have been wearing the device longer than the maximum recommended time (30 minutes) and cannot get it off.
  • How do I use Ion?
    Ion must be removed from the storage base before use. Before use, apply a generous amount of Arcwave™water-based lubricant by pjur™, or your own favorite silicone-friendly personal lubricant to the inside of the CleanTech silicone.
    To turn Ion on, press and hold the (+) button for 2 seconds. Ion will begin in Smart Silence mode. Press gently onto the Pleasure Air™ sensor to determine that Ion is powered on. The indicator light on the bottom of the product, near the magnetic charging pins, will also glow when Ion is powered on.
    Insert your penis into either end of the toy, whatever feels more comfortable for you. For the most intense orgasm, place the frenulum onto the Pleasure Air™ sensor. For another type of stimulation, you can use Ion as a stroker. Adjust the intensity levels of Ion using the (+) and (-) buttons. Ion has 8 intensity levels. To turn Smart Silence off or back on during use, press and release the Smart Silence button (above the (+) button).
    After use, clean Ion before storing it back into the storage base for charging and drying.
  • What is Smart Silence mode?
    Smart Silence is one of Ion’s unique features. In Smart Silence mode, the Pleasure Air pulses will only activate when the sensor is in contact with your body. When you pull away from the sensor, Ion will automatically again. The Smart Silence feature is important for efficient battery usage, teasing or edging with the device, or quickly shutting off the device if needed.
    In Smart Silence mode, the Pleasure Air will not continue if droplets from the shower or lube is on the sensor. However, even in Smart Silence mode, the Pleasure Air will run continuously if submerged in water.
  • Can I still use the Pleasure Air feature if I want to use Ion as a stroker?
    Yes, you can use the Pleasure Air feature while using Ion, even if you are not holding the Pleasure Air sensor over the frenulum. Adding stroking motions to your experience will create a new type of sensation and is a great way to use Ion to find what feels best for your body. If the device is in Smart Silence mode while you are stroking, the Pleasure Air feature will turn on when the sensor makes contact with your skin and will turn off again when you pull away from the sensor.
  • How big is the Ion?
    Ion is significantly smaller than most strokers on the market. Ion is 140mm x 83mm x 50mm. The diameter of the insertion area (unstretched) is 33mm. The storage base is 185mm x 107mm x 75mm.
  • How can I be sure that Ion will fit me?
    Ion is made with Arcwave’s CleanTech silicone which is highly durable and flexible, so it can adapt to fit almost all sizes. The diameter of the insertion area (unstretched) is 33mm. In our development process, Ion was tested for a diameter stretched to 44mm. Ion is also open ended on both sides, allowing it to accommodate any length.
  • How far inside of Ion is the Pleasure Air sensor?
    The Pleasure Air sensor is 6cm in from the bottom of the stroker (the end with the magnetic charging pins), and 7cm in from the opposite side.
  • How does Pleasure Air™ work?
    Pleasure Air™ is different than vibration stimulation. With Ion, Pleasure Air™ delivers powerful air pulses to the frenulum on the tip of the penis. Ion features 8 intensity levels to choose how gentle or powerful you would like your air pulses to feel.
  • Can I buy a replacement CleanTech sleeve?
    Yes. In the case that you need to replace your CleanTech sleeve, replacement sleeves are available on our webshop here.
  • Can I buy a replacement storage base?
    Yes. Replacement storage bases and accessories for the storage base are available on our webshop here.
  • What do I do if my Arcwave device will not take a charge?
    Check if the Ion is placed in the charging base correctly – charging pins on the Ion are touching the charging pins inside the charging base.
    Connect the USB cable to USB port or adapter. Place your Ion on the DryTech stick with the logo facing downwards. The LEDs on the charging base will light up.
    If nothing is happening – contact customer service.
  • Can I buy a replacement DryTech silica stick?
    Yes. DryTech sticks and DryTech packs can both be purchased from our webshop here.
  • How long do the DryTech stick with the inserted pack last?
    The lifespan of the DryTech Pack is depending on how thouroughly the Ion is dried after cleaning.
    Drying the device before storage can increase the lifespan of the DryTech pack.
  • What makes CleanTech more hygienic?
    CleanTech has the following characteristics, making it extremely hygienic:

    1. Non-porous
    2. Hypoallergenic
    3. High material stability (around -30°C - 170°C)
    4. Not flammable 5. Can’t be melted
    6. UV resistant
    7. Good resistance to oil, solvents and other chemicals
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