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Shake it up.

Arcwave Pow turns pressure to pleasure by harnessing natural air suction with smart design. A manual stroker with a structured Quick Clean Helix silicone inner sleeve and intuitive air pressure release valve, Pow shakes up masturbation for an intense release – and easy clean-up.

Flip it.

Ghost is made from high-quality silicone, making it more durable and hygienic than competitors. It also has two specially designed pleasure surfaces, doubling the sensations.   

The Closest Thing to a Female Orgasm for Men

Gentlemen, are you ready to experience the closest thing to a female orgasm? Arcwave Ion has taken the male orgasm experience to another level. Watch to find out why this new product has been sending seismic shockwaves through our tester community.
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  • Be Guided By Pleasure

    Be Guided By Pleasure

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Arcwave has designed unique, innovative technologies and materials to create experiences that have never been felt before. From Pleasure Air to CleanTech Silicone, each product features special key characteristics for your ultimate next adventure.

By combining the most advanced technology, cutting-edge design & engineering, and years of user research, Arcwave has created a truly unique range of premium male pleasure devices just for you.


Arcwave – the Premium Male Sex Toy Brand
Arcwave is a premium male sex toy brand with the mission to redefine the orgasm experience for men. By combining the most advanced technology, cutting-edge design & engineering with years of user research, Arcwave has created a truly unique range of premium sex toys for men. Plus, enjoy discreet and free delivery throughout the USA.

Arcwave's Innovative Design

Arcwave’s refined and stylish design is the first of its kind to add a touch of class to the world of sex toys for men and sex toy sets. Every aspect of our products has been painstakingly crafted with love and precision. Our sex toys for men include a selection of strokers and male masturbators to fit your unique lifestyle and tastes. Sophisticated design elements such as suction control, intuitive silicone and air pressure adjustments let you customize your pleasure for intense, powerful orgasms. As leaders in the male sex toy industry, Arcwave revolutionized the world of male pleasure with the first ever Pleasure Air male masturbator. Even our innovatively simple, skin soft silicone sleeve comes with a trick up its sleeve!

Arcwave’s male sex toys are also designed to be travel ready for business trips or vacations. Discreet packaging and design make Arcwave sex toys for men easy to pack for a stimulating weekend getaway or holiday adventure. For men who want to deepen their connection with a partner, Arcwave sex toy sets combine Arcwave pleasure products with Womanizer and We-Vibe sex toys to add layers of sensations in coupled, intimate play. Arcwave sex toys for men come with a two-year warranty on all toys and ship with discreet, free delivery.

Ultimately, Arcwave stands for modern masculinity. We are creating a space for you to explore your desires and curiosities with no compromises. Choose your own adventure. Explore your desires. Go from orgasm, to newgasm. We dare you to discover something new with Arcwave.


There is a pure pleasure gain compared to normal masturbation.
Fabrice L.
I would rate the products very high for hygiene, performance and comfort.
Julian K.
It is intuitive to start using Ion. You can feel when the Pleasure Air sensation begins.
Tom W.
Regular masturbation could not replace or replicate the feeling I had with the Ion.
Anthony P.

  • “Its effects, however, are curious. The vibration maintains the erection for a long time, "spreading" the pleasure in a slow crescendo.”

  • “After millions of years of evolution, Men might just have acquired the ticket to female pleasure.”

  • “A pro is that clean-up is relatively easy because, unlike most masturbation sleeves, the Ion has an open top.”

  • “Will you take the Arcwave Ion challenge and unlock a whole new level of orgasmic pleasure? Nirvana awaits.

  • “The orgasms are definitely different, and it is absolutely great that this company is rethinking male pleasure.”