• Introduction to Male Masturbators

    Introduction to Male Masturbators


Male Masturbators

Unlock a new world of sensual play with male masturbators. As male sex toy tech advances, so does the potential for mind-blowing excitement and orgasms. It’s time to experience more than the everyday routine buzz – explore a true orgasmic high with a toy from Arcwave and find out what you’ve been missing.

From male strokers to toys featuring Pleasure Air, the options are endless for penis massage. The only thing you need to do? Choose which one you’ll add to your collection first.

The Arcwave Difference

As the future of male pleasure and intimate play, Arcwave represents the ultimate balance between sleek design and innovative tech. Each toy in our collection offers a fresh spin on pleasure that will send you sky-high with sustained, intense sensations.

For a toy that looks as good on the nightstand as it feels in your hand, Arcwave is the only choice. Upgrade your masturbation routine now and let Arcwave redefine everything you know about orgasms.

Arcwave Ion

As the world’s first Pleasure Air™ stroker, Arcwave Ion offers a new type of orgasm with pulsating airwaves massaging the most sensitive pleasure receptors in your body. It's a completely unique, mind-blowing experience.

Pleasure Air

Targeting the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum, the Ion creates wave after wave intense, pulsating stimulation.

Smart Silence

Discretion is a priority, so Ion’s Smart Silence ensures the toy is only active when it’s in contact with your skin.

CleanTech Silicone

Industry-leading CleanTech silicone is easy to clean, feels natural and ensures you can enjoy your toy for longer.

Discover the Ion

Enough talk, it’s time to see the Ion in action and discover just how innovative this male pleasure gamechanger really is.

Arcwave Pow

With dual entry and a textured CleanTech silicone sleeve, Arcwave Pow is the ultimate manual stroker with suction control. Discover intense pleasure as Pow’s intuitive silicone tightens during use, while the air pressure release valve builds powerful suction for an unbelievable climax.

Suction Control

Pow’s air pressure release valve gradually tightens the silicone sleeve, creating an adjustable suction without the hassle of batteries. By simply placing a finger over the air valve, you can customize your toy and increase or relax the sleeve’s grip.

CleanTech Silicone

A well-cared for toy is a long-lasting toy. Luckily, Pow’s CleanTech silicone ensures you can keep it clean without any fuss and enjoy the smooth, yet durable surface that adjusts to all penis sizes.

Quick Clean Helix

The innovative design of Pow’s inner sleeve optimizes cleaning and drying speed – all while ensuring a smooth, pleasurable finish.

Arcwave Voy

The ultimate compact stroker features premium material, customized fit, and groundbreaking technology. You can tailor your orgasmic experience with just the touch of your hand.

Tightness Adjustment

System Featuring Arcwave’s industry leading TAS, Voy targets specific pleasure sensors on the skin that respond instantly to pressure. With the perfect balance of stimulation and pressure, Voy helps you unlock a whole new form of penis massage.

CleanTech Silicone

Easy to clean and highly durable, Arcwave’s CleanTech Silcone the perfect texture and is highly flexible – ensuring you can enjoy Voy at any size.

Compact Design

Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, Voy’s sleek design makes it intuitive to use and easy to store discreetly.

Solo Play Sex Toys For Him

Sex toys for men are a great way to liven up masturbation and keep things interesting. Try a vibrating penis ring, prostate stimulator, or anal plug to experience thrilling new sensations. We have a wide variety of toys to stimulate the penis, testicles, anus, or perineum that can really add something special to play, whether you're flying solo or connecting with a partner. Take a deep dive into the solo play sex toys for him that are on offer... you may discover something totally new!