Arcwave Ghost

Ghost is a skin-soft silicone toy with a trick up its sleeve: flip it inside out to reveal a second pleasure-textured surface. 
Arcwave Ghost is a reversible textured stroker made from skin soft, CleanTech Silicone for a smooth, enhanced orgasm. Ghost's reversible ridged surfaces vary sensations, while the durable yet lightweight design makes it practical, portable, and innovatively simple.
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Arcwave Ghost
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  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Discreet Packaging
  • 100 day Money Back Guarantee
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Reversible Textured Sleeve
Reversible Textured Sleeve
Unique to Arcwave, Ghost’s flippable sleeve features two different pleasure patterns so you can mix up the sensations. When stimulated just right, this creates a whole new pleasure sensation – which is why playing with Ghost is more intense than regular masturbation.
CleanTech Silicone
CleanTech Silicone
Keeping Ghost fresh is simple. Arcwave’s cutting-edge CleanTech Silicone is super smooth, hygienic and durable but is also very flexible to accommodate all penis sizes. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish, as well as making it durable for continued use.
Ghost is entirely made of Arcwave's revolutionary CleanTech Silicone which makes your favorite sleeve reusable and durable for a long time. Ghost is cleaned and dried easily to keep it hygienic as long as you wish. Flip reverse it and store it discreetly to have Ghost ready to go whenever you want.
Compact Size
Compact Size
Ghost is designed to fit neatly in the hand and be convenient to carry. Its ergonomic shape makes it incredibly easy to handle and always gives you the perfect grip. In addition, its slim design and neat storage case with ventilation holes allows you to store it discreetly and hygienically.
“The silicone feels so smooth and slippery... I couldn’t believe that such a simple toy made so much difference to masturbation”
John L., Ghost Tester
“Nice color choices, easy to clean, simple to flip it inside out and try out both textured sides... and best of all, it makes an orgasm feel really new.
Rick A., Ghost Tester
“Lasts forever – such a good investment! It’s durable and can be used over and over again.”
Carlos S., Ghost Tester
“The perfect size to chuck in a bag or pocket for a trip away, so convenient.”
Marius R., Ghost Tester
“Good price, good quality, nice toy – and so simple too! I’ve already recommended that some friends should get one!”
Andreas F., Ghost Tester
In the box
  • Ghost reversible silicone stroker
  • Product manual
  • Model PIN00A
  • Colors Black, Blue, Mint
  • Waterproof Can be submerged in water without damage.
  • Materials ABS, Body-safe silicone, made without phthalates, BPA or latex
  • Product dimensions 40 x 100 mm
  • Product weight 68g
  • Warranty 2 years
How it works
1. Apply water-based lube 
Apply lubricant to both Ghost and your penis. 
2. Slip Ghost over the penis 
Get comfortable and ready to play. 
3. Stroke it up and down 
Stimulate pleasure using Ghost to stroke the shaft 
4. Flip ghost inside out 
Try the second textured surface to vary sensations 

Flip it.

Ghost is for the adventurous and the spontaneous, the fun-loving, easy-going thrill-seeker looking for a good time and a new experience. Ghost is straight-up fun with no fuss – just slide it on and enjoy the sensations, your way.

Easy come, easy go.

Ghost is a simple idea done to perfection: a two-sided silicone sleeve featuring two different textures. No batteries, no fuss, just flip it inside out to try both surfaces and vary your stroking sensations.

Simple is better.

Ghost is designed to distil pleasure down to its most irresistible features: something smooth, slippery and satisfying that feels good, every time. No go-faster stripes or moving parts – Ghost just slides down the shaft effortlessly, adding texture and sensation every time.

Ready to reuse.

Ghost is durable enough to be used again and again – simply clean with water and soap or toy cleaner between each use to guarantee a long and satisfying relationship with your toy...
How do I clean Ghost?
Ghost can be cleaned using water and soap or a specially formulated toy cleaning solution.
Can I use Ghost in the shower?
Yes, Ghost is suitable for use in the shower.
What happens if Ghost get stuck on me?
Ghost is made from slippery, silky-soft CleanTech silicone, so it is unlikely to get stuck during use as advised. However, if you feel trapped in the toy, just relax and slowly peel the toy off your penis the way you would remove a condom.
How do I use Ghost?
Apply a little lube to your penis and slide Ghost over the top, before rubbing it up and down for a unique masturbation experience. Flip Ghost inside out and use in the same way to enjoy a second, pleasure-textured surface.
How big is Ghost?
Ghost is 40 x 100mm but is very stretchy - so stretchy, in fact, that it can easily fit over a standard sized wine bottle! This allows Ghost to accommodate most penis sizes.
How can I be sure that Ghost fits me?
Ghost is designed to accommodate most penis sizes, so it is likely that it will fit.
How much does Ghost weigh?
Ghost weighs 68g.
How long can I use Ghost?
Arcwave products have a 2-year warranty (link to page) but there's no reason your product shouldn't last a lot longer when used as directed.
What is special about CleanTech silicone?
CleanTech silicone is non-porous, making it ultra-hygienic and easy to clean. It also silky-soft on skin, so it feels oh-so-good during use.
How should I use lubricant with Ghost?
Apply a little lube to the entire surface of your penis before sliding Ghost over the top and stroking to a unique climax.
Do I need to charge Ghost?
No! Ghost has no batteries or electronic components, making it lightweight and simple to use.
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